Board of Directors

The Global Way Makers Board of Directors


President - Christopher Gill
Secretary - Debora Gill

Christopher and Debora Gill

Christopher is a successful businessman and entreprenuer who takes the term “Market place ministry” to heart. He has spoken on Kingdom Business at International Conferences and has a passion to empower others who are less fortunate, but who are willing to excel, to realize their greatest potential.

Debora is an ordained minister who has traveled to more than 65 nations. She has been a key-note speaker at many Forums around the World as well as doing personal hands-on minstry. Her desire is to help raise funds for those who are helping the needs of others.

Treasurer - David Glenwinkel

David Glenwinkel

David is the Founder and Program Developer for Village Care International, Inc. Today in Africa Village Care has programs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, where over 300 Member Villages care for more than 30,000 Orphans with no outside support, using only the resources they have on hand and the principles developed by David Glenwinkel that can transform anyone, or any village, from surviving to THRIVING! Micro-business is only one of those strategies!