Our desire is to help those in need become fully equipped and sustainable, escaping a “welfare” mentality and way of life. 100% of your donation will go directly to these individuals and families.

Your donations will give the knowledge and resources to help them grow beyond the day-to-day quest for subsistence. Because of YOUR donation, stressed populations around the globe will have the means to make a difference not only for themselves, but their families, friends and neighbors. Cities and even entire countries can rise above the personal and social deprivation fostered by unchecked exploitation, and realize their true potential.

There are thousands of aid organizations around the world struggling to provide care for these distressed populations. While there are many worthy causes, we at Global Way Makers raise needed funds to help support these people that give their lives to work at ground zero in the midst of the greatest needs and are providing the most direct help.

Global Way Makers works closely with select Partner organizations on all continents. We have chosen these organizations because their plans, philosophies and, most importantly, their actions contribute directly to the betterment of the human condition.

These are lofty goals! It takes a lot of organization, spirit and money to effect change on a national and Global scale - but all these needs can be met, and goals achieved, with a small amount of support from each of us individually.

Global Way Makers is like the center of the spokes wheel, raising funds and directing them towards disaster relief, the founding of micro businesses, and educational scholarships…YOU make the choice. Your donations can support children in orphanages, the fight against human trafficking, or funding the relief of abject poverty.


Please read on to find out more about our Partner Charities, and then decide which Causes you would most like to support as we all strive together to...

“Make the world a better place….One life at a time.”

Please join us in supporting the efforts of those fighting poverty, ignorance, disease and oppression through your tax-deductable donation to Global Way Makers!